Best lawn mower under 200 dollars

[Update] Best Lawn Mower Under 200 Dollars | Reviews & Easy Buyer Guideline 2021

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Buying the best lawn mower under 200 dollars is very challenging, but we are here to solve this problem of yours. In this review, we’re going to present the eight best lawn mowers for under 200 dollars. Not only that, we will tell you what lawnmower will be best for you by comparing these products and all about lawn size and all other kinds of stuff.

Because lawn size is an important issue and you should know your lawn size-perfect mower, so we insert this information in this article. Other things like lawnmower types and why should and what should kinds of stuff are also added, so get ready and read this full article to find the best Mower for yourself.

What is the best inexpensive lawn mower?

ViewProductsBladePriceBuy Now
Greenworks-Electric-Corded-Lawn-Mower-25022Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 2502220-Inch $204.80 bestlawnmowerelectric
Greenworks-Corded-Electric-Lawn-Mower-MO13B00Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower MO13B0021-Inch $189.99 bestlawnmowerelectric
BLACKDECKER-BEMW482BH-Electric-Lawn-MowerBLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower 17-Inch $149.99 bestlawnmowerelectric
Scotts-50620S-Corded-Electric-Lawn-MowerScotts 50620S Corded Electric Lawn Mower 20-Inch $188.80 bestlawnmowerelectric
American-Lawn-Mower-1204-14-Deluxe-Hand-Reel-MowerAmerican Lawn Mower 1204-14 Deluxe Hand Reel Mower 14-Inch $69.99
Sun-Joe-MJ403E-Mow-Joe-17-Inch-13-Amp-Electric-Lawn-MowerMulcherSun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher 17-Inch $159.00 bestlawnmowerelectric
BLACKDECKER-BEMW482BH-Electric-Lawn-MowerBLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH 10AMP 15″ ELECTRIC MOWER 15-Inch $124.74 bestlawnmowerelectric
Remington-RM130-Trail-Blazer-140cc-21-Inch-3-in-1-Gas-Push-Lawn-MowerRemington RM130 Trail Blazer 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Push Lawn Mower 21-Inch $349.00 bestlawnmowerelectric
American Lawn Mower Company 5051414-Inch14-Inchbestlawnmowerelectric

Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

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The Greenworks 25022 mower is the highest-selling electric mower that is reputable, easy to utilize, and elastic. I’ve using many mower in last 5 years but I don’t get this type of performance in any mower.

25022 Mower such as a performance machine which is providing 100% satisfiction in mowing. It consists of a 12-amp engine that quickly powers an outstanding 20-inch steel deck. 

This Greenworks25022 cuts the thick grass like a champion. The Greenworks25022 is simple to press and has a high-functional ergonomic layout. Which makes it a wind to maneuver regardless of the cord. When the turf is genuinely long, it can be kinked up in the long grasses, and also often, I fear I might run over it.

I’m not complaining that their blades are dull; it’s absolutely my individual preference. I found that the GreenWorks 25022 mower cuts turf evenly throughout the whole lawn and also is exceptionally maneuverable because the deck is instead thin.

The lawnmower not characteristic an extension cord, if you do not work properly by on handy, so get the good one. I recommend buying a 16 gauge expansion cord if your lawn is less the 40′ feet. Else, a 14-gauge cord should enough.The more your mowing with the GreenWorks 25022, the much more adept you will become at quitting the cord.  

Using a cable as a whole for a mower is not an optimal arrangement, but then again, I understood I’d need to deal with that when I got this Mower. Plus, simply, the fact that it uses an expansion cord can be frustrating considering that you’re continuously on the lookout for changing the cable.


– 12 Amp Electric motor delivers adequate power to puncture the hardest grass

– Sturdy steel 20-Inch reducing deck gets the job done quicker and extra effectively

– The three in one feature gives several alternatives for grass trimmings from back bagging, side discharge, and mulching capacities for versatile needs

-Seven position height change uses a range of cutting height from one to half inche and three inch to 3/4 inch.

– Wide 10-Inch back wheels and also 7-inch front wheels. Lift the back turn on the cover to discover the mulching plug No cord consist of the Mower 25022. 

Its range possibility is limited in few backyards as a result of the expansion cable.

The Mower is a powerful 12 Amp electric motor that provides hard cutting as well as mulching power. It’s the quiet engine that launches no dangerous carbon discharges right into the air. 

GreenWorks electrical lawn mower has no carbon impact. One bar to change the elevation of all four wheels, and the Mulches save turf in the rear Bag or give off from side discharge.

Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower MO13B00

>> Buy Now >>

It is an electric corded lawn mower that is perfect for people that are trying to find small equipment to reduce turf.It will surely provide you effective results and make sure your job done in one go.. The tools are powerful, reliable, very easy to maneuver, sturdy, as well as is loaded with attributes that take the name of Greenworks to the next degree.

Keep your grass trim with the Greenworks 21″ 13 Amp Corded Lawn Mower. Be the broach of the community. It includes three-in-one mowing capacities, consisting of mulching, back collection, and side discharge. This Greenworks 21-inch lawn mower has a 21″ vast cutting course. 

It additionally uses an equilibrium of maneuverability as well as the cutting capacity for mid-sized locations—the powerful 13 An electric motor supplies difficult cutting and mulching power for long lawns or weeds. Additionally, the Greenworks 21″ 13 Amp Corded Mower has a sturdy, stamped-steel reducing deck that gives included toughness. 

It has an adjustable reducing height, while the webcam lock takes care of produces easy folding and also storage.This greenworks corded lawn mower is best for medium-sized backyards and even the garden. It has 7-inch front wheels and 10″ rear wheels for natural flexibility. The convenient cord lock protects against the cable from detaching throughout usage.

One of the well-known threads throughout our research study was that this Mower cuts undoubtedly well. It loads a lot of power. So, if you’re like me and often don’t mow as regularly as you should, you don’t need to fidget about placing this up against thick grass. It will rake throughout it.

If you have a tiny yard at home that needs to be cared for, MO13B00 lawnmower with a 21-inch deck and powerful 13 amp motor is the perfect pick for you. It supplies a smooth efficiency that is greater than any other lawnmower accessible at this variety that makes it one of the perfect mower.


– 13 Amp Electric Motor delivers adequate power to puncture the most challenging grass.

– Sturdy steel 21-Inch cutting deck does the job quicker and extra successfully.

– 3-in-1 feature supplies numerous alternatives for lawn trimmings from mulching abilities for flexible requirements, rear bagging, and side discharge.

– 7 setting height change provides a variety of cutting height from 1 1/2- Inch to 3 3/4- Inch for the perfect cut on all turf kinds.- Wide 10-Inch rear wheels and also 7-Inch front wheels.

– Comfortable webcam lock handle, enables quick as well as very easy folding as well as storage

– Includes collection bag, side discharge chute as well as mulch plug

MO13B00 Mower is comparatively heavier than various other mowers. It won’t be able to reduce disordered lawn.

MO13B00 mower motor is rapid and also effective. When I am mowing, then I feel it offer me an extraordinary performance. Its cutting deck is made from steel, which is durable. For its durable steel deck, I can easily cut tough yard. And I’ve 90% satisfied with using this Mower.

BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower

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BEMW482BH mower is a corded run-behind electric power. The BEMW482BH features a 17 inches cutting width and is ranked at 12 Amps. The layout is simplified to enhance the toughness and durability of the reducing deck. 

Also, the whole system in general – unit is layout just for yard mowing and also accumulating the yard trimmings in the catcher bag without mulching or side-discharge options. With 17 inches wide cutting deck, The BEMW482BH is a moderate size walk-behind mower, ranked at 12 Amps. 

Like several similar mowers, it does not feature a full-length power cable, just a tiny ‘pig-tail cable – it is up to the user to have the expansion cable of proper size as well as thickness. Considering that the max current is 12A, the advised extension cord is 12-16 Gauge, relying on the extension of the cable length.

Directly, if you need 1200 inch (~ 3050 cm) extension cord, choose a reliable and long-lasting three-wire 12 Gauge cord with SJTW or the same or comparable tag. Additionally, the cord must be intended for outdoor usage, which is vibrantly tinted as well as quickly noticeable in the high, thick grass. Reducing deck is simple but reliable and long-lasting. 

BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Mower does not feature mulching and side-discharge option -the only one way is to collect the grass cuttings in the turf catcher bag, which is enough for most MowerOwner.

It gives highest performance with a winged blade performing 30% much more trimming collection. Get started rapidly as well as speedly with push-button start, and dial in the perfect mowing height with six modifications from 1 inch to 3 inch


– BLACK+DECKER has this electric lawnmower that is wonderful for 1/8 acre feature

– Outfitted with a Comfort Grip Handle for benefit

– Property a winged blade for boosted clipping collection

– With the rough wheel footsteps, mower owner can have better control while managing thick grass.

– Various users were satisfied that the Black & Decker BEMW482BH is simple to maneuver as well as press as a result of its featherweight style.

BEMW482BH lawn mower’s deck is constructed from plastic well as, and it can damage quickly. When I was mowing, I need to change its height direction, so I try to change the lowest to height, then it gets stuck.

BEMW482BH mower has been designed with comfort grip for convenience of use. Moreover, they developed to power via high yard. It’s a Winged blade for a 30% much better clipping collection. The Push-button start- Six elevation modifications from 1 inch to 3 inches. 


>> Buy Now >>

This is just one of Black mower as well as Decker’s many recent version, which property horizontally and bike-style handles. The Mower is for limited lawns that use a mower with reasonable degrees of ability to move. A lawnmower that is cheap to run as well as makes effective use of collecting yard with less retracing of your steps.

The BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH Lawn Mower possesses a 15-inch deck that appropriates for little to intermediate-sized grass around 0.125 Acre. This lawn utilizes a 13 Amp motor on a blade that has a tiny dimension.

The Black&Decker BEMW472BH lawnmower engine creates much more power than enough power to experience rough surfaces. It is also feasible to cut with big grass with this power thinking it had a bigger deck. The sturdy wheels enable you to manage numerous harsh or used surface areas. The comfortable grip handle likewise allows you to deal with the Mower better. 

The padded rear area will accept in the multiple rates that you go by without concerning about best deals of moving or other concerns. The gripping properties beside are extra valuable for assisting you to maintain a better control on the mower without any slipping off. 

The begin button makes the Mower very easy to start. It does not use oil or gas, as well as this prevents it from radiating harmful fumes. This Mower is entirely environment-friendly and low-cost to run. 

There are 6 reducing heights on this BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH inch from one inch to three inches, and it is manufactured with safety and security attributes to avoid unexpected starting. This Mower has a broad 37.85-liter collection bag, 38.9 lbs. And will unsuspectly fold down right into a small as well as little bundle for light storage.


– The blades are 15 inches long, as well as they aid in keeping the lawnmower simple to navigate and portable.

– the 12-gallon turf box is best for a lawnmower of this dimension. The yard box has a steel skeletal system to keep its form, and also, it is of mesh building and construction.

– The pivot causes it to be more compatible with pressing the Mower from reduced edges.

– This grass takes advantage of a 13 Amp motor, which is on a blade of a dimension.

– There are six cutting elevations on this BEMW472BH inch from 1 inch to 3 inches.

BEMW472BH Lawnmower, If you don’t take care of well, So the grass can obtain clogged around the chute. Moreover, The front wheels can be damage improperly aligned if you are not mindful enough.

Its convenience grasp developed for simplicity of use. Winged blade for 30% much more trimming collection- Created to high power for the yard. You can fold the deal when you’re done making use of the Mower for convenient storage space. You can easily adjust the 6 height position from 1inches to 3 inches. Tough wheel footsteps developed for control in thick grass.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 50620S Corded Electric Lawn Mower

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You might have a bigger lawn that requires a little extra help. Scotts makes this more extra-wide 20-inch Mower that supports you with much of your mowing needs. The robust steel blade links to a 12-amp electric motor for giving you a sufficient quantity of power. Scotts advertises this Mower as being as effective as what you might leave a bigger gas-powered version.

Scotts 50620S is a mighty tool of 12 Amp corded lawn mower that offers the power of gas mowers excluding the trouble of taking care of gas, oil, and fumes. This Scotts mower begins instantaneously whenever with an easy press of a button. On the other hand, with the all-terrain wheel durable and large steel deck, this lawn mower can do any mowing task. 

The 3-in-1 system enables side discharge, mulching, and back bagging for your trimmings. The compost bagger and plug have an effortless on and also off attachment. A single lever elevation change makes it simple to change the mowing height from 1.5 inches to 4 inches for a skillfully chopped lawn.

The front guard includes a steel body with a foam hold. You can use the hold to promptly keep a good hang on the Mower, thus maintaining you from being troubled by lots of vibrations and various other trembling problems. The one-point change bar additionally aids you with moving the Mower backward and forwards.

The steel deck, as well as the 3-in-1 choice, supplies the appearance of a well-manicured Scotts grass. It is eco-friendly for its electrical 120-Volt, 60 Hz, 12 Amp 3600 rpm electric mower motor, which creates no emissions and requires absolutely no upkeep. 

It has a comfortable V-handle with a pillow grasp for a firm touch while mowing and handling-mounted security blade control. The 7 in. front as well as 9.5. back wheels give the Mower the precise weight and also equilibrium for effortless maneuverability and even a nicely cut yard.


– Powerful 12 Amp high-performance motor for gas-like power and also longer run-times

– Big 20 in. cutting width with long-lasting steel deck

– Single-point reducing elevation modification lever for cutting peaks of 1.5 in. to 4 in.

– The 3-in-1 performance gives mulching, side discharge, and also rear-bagging system

– 16 Girl capacity yard catcher with plastic leading and manage for straightforward disposal of clippings

– Steel tube front guard as well as a lift handle with v-shaped take care of and foam grasp

– Quick flexible, fold-down manage for simple vertical storage in a garage or shed

When I’m on mowing in my yard, I feel 50620S Corded Electric Mower make much more sound than other corded mowers. It’s heavier than the other versions’ Mower. 

Corded Mower front wheels are 7 inches, and back wheels are 9.5 inches. For this wheel’s size, it’s can smoothly be running. I can fold the body of the lawnmower down in few minutes. 

I can change its single lever height from 11/2 inches to 4 inches. It’s an easy On & Off Mulch Plug and also Bag. 50620S Corded Mower manages “V” comfort with pillow grip. Moreover, it manages Mounted Security Blade Control.

American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch Deluxe Hand Reel Mower

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The American Mower 14-inch deluxe hand-reel lawn mower supplies a fine, accurate, sharp cut for many lawns– particularly for cold-season grasses like fescue, bluegrass, as well as rye.The Mower has an 8-1/2-inch size high effect, polymer wheels with essential molded tread with a cutting width of 14 inches and a cutting peak of 0.5- to 1.5 inches. It consists of a three-spider one-blade reel. It is not only under 200, but it is a Lawn Mower under 100 dollars also.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514, is one of the most alternative. See more.

The American Mower 1204-14 deluxe hand reel mower is a very inexpensive, lightweight mower that’s easy to use as well as uses specific cutting. Like all reel mowers, it emits zero contamination. This particular lawnmower is made from extremely long-lasting materials, has a basic layout, as well as is perfect if you have tiny grass, restricted storage space, as well as brief desire grass. 

The Mower’s reel makes use of one blade to provide your grass a scissor-like cut. You can select the elevation you desire your lawn to be cut as long as it’s in between 1/2 inch and also one 1/2-inch height. The cutting width is 14-inches, which is simply over a foot long. 

Utilize the American Lawn Mower Deluxe is very cozy. It comes with a zinc-plated manage with plastic holds, so your hands aren’t slipping as you push, as well as the grips fit right in your hand. The reel on this lawn mower is made from alloy steel, so it is constructed to last. 

It can sustain a lot of mowing as well as by keeping the blades sharp (sharpening ought to happen about as soon as every year), the lawnmower stays in good condition and also will certainly last a very long time. 

If you have any of the cool-season grass varieties (bluegrass, rye, etc.), the American Lawn Mower is made to function particularly well. The lawnmower cuts quickly with the lawn, offering your yard a lovely, exact look that a gas-powered lawnmower wouldn’t have the ability to attain.


– Deluxe hand-reel mower ideal for most turf lawns

– Gives a clean, accurate, scissor-like cut and Rear lawn deflection

– Toughened Up Bed Knife Blade and Alloy Steel Reel makes it really smooth. 

– elevation adjustability, easy-roll wheels, and smooth-spinning blades.

– polymer wheels with a 4 Blade Reel, 8.5 inches diameter high effect.

– ½ to 1 ¾ inches cutting height and a 14 inches width; 

– Lightweight at only 19 pounds

1204 Lawnmower is not suitable for healthy grass. Because when I am mowing my garden, After 20 days I saw some grasses have become lean and has contained yellow color.

1204 mower with 14-inch cutting width and also 4-blade round bearing reel and 8.5-inch composite wheels for quickly pressing reel. I can be adjusting the cutting elevation of 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches for a tidy, scissor-like cut. 

Mower’s 4-blade reel offers me supreme convenience for the different typical yards. It is such an environment-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawnmowers: no oil, low maintenance, straightforward assembly.

Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

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The Sun Joe MJ403E Mow 17-Inch is a great lawn mower and it will provide every facilities that you can desire from a small lawn mower. It composts and also accumulates the yard. The maker is cost-effective and even simple to store. And also, there suffices power in the electric motor to survive a neglected grass with ease.

Lawnmower cleanup simply got less complicated with this electric lawn mower. Conveniently tailor the turf, reducing elevation from 0.98 to 2.87 inches using the 7-position height change bar. 

Weighing only 31.5 lbs with durable front and back wheels to improve its maneuverability, Mow Joe cruise ships with your yard, leaving 17-inch tracks of groomed environment-friendly.

The 12-gallon rear Bag provides ample ability for uninterrupted mowing as well as removes easily to get rid of grass clippings promptly. 

You can simply convert your Mow Joe lawn mower right into a mulching mower by getting rid of the rear Bag as well as placing the mulch plug. Now the freshly-cut, nutrient-rich lawn cuttings will certainly not collect guaranteed yet be spread throughout your yard for fertilizing. 

The MJ403E gives the added safety and security of a safety and security button and also is backed by a complete 2-year warranty.


– The 17-inch mulching blade will certainly raise and shred the grass clippings prior to rearranging them over the yard.

– A 12-amp electric motor pressing a little blade suggests that there is a lot of torque for making it through difficult grass.

– There are seven elevation levels to select from on this Sunlight Joe MJ403E that array from 0.98 inches as well as increment up to 2.78 inches.

– The 13-amp powerful motor dedicated for its 17-inch blade, so there is not enough chance for the blade slowing down when it strikes a clump of grass.

– The Sun Joe MJ403E includes a detachable 12-gallon grass collection bag.


-shaped plastic wheels. That can be the weak point of this Mower. Moreover, It can be broken in overload. But I think it’s not a weak point for this Mower.

Sun Joe MJ403E is built-in with a 13 amp powerful motor that can cut any type of thicker grass. If your yards thicker/ longer so this Mower is the best choice for yours. 

If you have 4500 square feet or much less garden so you will use it with comfortably. Homeowners are the favorite opportunity to side discharge the lawn cuttings. Here is one more option that you can reduce elevation to a vast array to require.

Remington RM130 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Push Lawn Mower

>> Buy Now >>

This gas-powered Mower features a long-lasting 140cc OHV auto-choke engine and 21-inch cutting deck so that you can trim more significant swaths of lawn with fewer passes. 

With 3-in-1 discharge capabilities, the lawnmower expels trimmings from the side or base or right into the Bag without globs, thanks to the ingenious SureCut blade that raises as well as flows as it reduces. 

Geared up with dual-lever 6-position elevation change, you can pick the very best yard elevation for your lawn. The adjustable handles and comfort grip allow you to quickly stand up straight while mowing, preventing hand and also neck and back pain.

The Remington RM130 Route Blazer Gas Powered Push Mower likewise features a powerful 140cc OHV auto-choke engine, along with a 21 in reducing deck to make quick work of any type of sized lawn.

It is a push behind type mower and dominated by black and orange colors. This model is equipped with an adjustable handle so you can easily stand up straight while mowing. This product’s weight is only 63.2lbs. The size and measurement make this machine perfect for small to medium size lawns.


– Effective 140cc OHV engine with auto choke packs adequate energy to reduce throughout the roughest yard

– Rust-resistant 21-inch steel deck receives the job completed quickly and properly

– SureCut blade lifts and also flows because it reduces to make sure that you can mulch without clumps

– The dual-lever top insurer with 6 top setups and flexible hold, so your yard is the dimension you desire it

– Durable 7-inch entrance and also eight-inch rear wheels have rugged treads for dealing with unequal terrain

When I am mowing in hefty giant grass in my yard, I face moving problems with its size. 

Remington RM130 Mower outfitted with a 140CC OHV engine with auto-choke for straightforward convenience of begin. Its Absorbs resonances as well as provides maximum user comfort. Its durable 7-inch front and also 8-inch back wheels have durable footsteps for operating on uneven – terrain.

What should we consider before we buy? 

Push vs. self-propelled

Push mowers often tend to be extra cost-effective. Self-propelled designs attract power from the engine (or motor on electric models) to power the wheels, which makes them less complicated to steer if you have a bigger grass or survive a sloped great deal. 

Four-wheel drive supplies the most effective grip on inclines, complied with by rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, which is typical on the majority of models, is still well suited for level parcels.

Lawn size

Think about the dimension of your lawn to discover the perfect walk-behind Mower. Gas self-propelled lawn mowers will certainly be best for larger yards, while push mowers (electrical or gas) are better for little yards.

Washout Port

You should clean up the bottom of your lawnmower after each cut. When times come, a washout port makes it less complicated: It approves a pipe connection for removing clippings beneath the mower deck without the demand to tip the equipment.

Electric start

On gas models, this function allows you to power the engine with push-button convenience rather than yanking a pull cord. 

Folding Handle

Versions with a folding or collapsing handle need much less room to store.

Upright storage

Nearly all electrics can be saved vertically in a confined garage. Some gas designs have unique engine seals that permit upright storage, as well, without the risk of oil or gas leaking out.

Uniform wheels

Some mowers flaunt larger back wheels. Miss them. In our examinations, lawnmowers with consistent wheels are the most convenient to navigate.

Interchangeable battery

Some power device producers are making string trimmers, fallen leave blowers, chainsaws, and even snowblowers that can all accept the very same battery that powers their lawnmowers. 

That can save you cash if you can purchase the 2nd device without a battery. Look for battery powered mower brands that supplies the interchangeability options and also sell various other extremely rated, battery-compatible power tools.

Riding Mowers Hour meter

This shows how much time the engine has run, given that the last oil change or various other maintenance. A couple of designs can link to a smartphone app through Bluetooth to keep track of upkeep and order components.

Landscape needs

Get a riding mower that best matches the sizes and also the slope of your home. As well as if your yard appears like a dexterity training barrier training course, you might intend to take into consideration a zero-turn-radius design; professionals favor that type.

Ability to examine fuel

A tractor with a cutout that permits you to see your gas degree– ideally from the seat– is excellent.

High-back seat and also mug owner

The very first is more helpful and also comfy than a traditional seat, as well as the second is for when you’re suffocating in the warm sunlight– you’ll appreciate it.


Now you have the best lawnmower, and you require to get your mowing strategy sorted too. A great-looking lawn needs a routine mowing routine that urges the grasses to create beautiful fallen leaves. It likewise maintains the growth of lush and dense and quits weeds and moss spreading.

The single most massive blunder the majority of people make when reducing the yard is to reduce also reduced. This is known as ‘scalping’ the yard and also can seriously compromise it.

For regular lawns that obtain put on as well as foot web traffic, maintain the yard around 5cm high. For decorative gardens that do not get utilized much, you can go as low as 2.5 cm.

Always get rid of leaves and grass clippings after mowing as well as feed the yard in springtime as well as fall with a special grass fertilizer. See to it you select the ideal one– springtime feeds motivate leafed growth and also, fall blends develop more powerful roots.

Mower For Various Garden Dimensions 

Consider your grass as a tennis court. A full-size court would be like a medium grass, or much less would be a small grass. Anything larger is a large grass. Here are the lawnmower maths:

– Small Lawn (approximately 100 sq m): electrical and also cordless lawnmowers.

– Medium Lawn (100– 250 sq m): cordless, electric, and even petroleum lawnmowers.

– Huge Lawn (250+ sq m): fuel lawnmowers.


A mower’s cutting width refers to exactly how broad a red stripe the lawnmower can cut. A larger percentage of cutting width will certainly decrease on just how much time you spend mowing the yard. Here’s a helpful guide using the yard sizes from above.

– Small Lawn: 300 millimeter (mm) cutting width.

– Medium Lawn: 350-400 millimeter (mm) cutting width.

– Huge lawn: 400 millimeter (mm) 

+ cutting width.


Cutting height refers to just how high the grass will certainly be when you have sufficed. Most lawnmowers have adjustable cutting elevations– you simply move the blades up or down. 

This helps you determine the height of the yard and leave it longer in autumn or during dry durations. Cutting height ranges usually are 20mm to 60mm– see my area on correct mowing technique below for guidance.


According to our research and consumer reports analysis, the lawnmower featured in this article is the most popular, the most purchased. We also try to enhance extra information to make you feel comfortable picking the right one for you.

Hopefully, we make you feel this article was informative and helpful to you—well wishes for your buying a lawnmower for under 200 dollars.

Thank you


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