Why Is Oil Coming Out Of My Lawn Mower Exhaust? Easy Buyer Guideline

When you are cutting grass in the garden with your lawnmower, suddenly you have seen some oil falls on the garden, then you checked your lawnmower then you discover leaks on the exhaust. If you did not see this for a longer time, after your mowing, you would discover that your garden grass was oily. And That is very harmful to your grass.

Why is oil coming out of my lawnmower exhaust?

While you make running your lawnmower engine, firstly, four elements become heat; pistons, cylinders, exhaust pipe, and exhaust manifold.

Most of the lawnmower engines are two valves (2V). In a 2V engine, the Oxygen fuel gets into the piston by the 1st valve and forces the gas to come out by the 2nd valves. Oil lubricates all parts of the engine.

The issues are taking place when any parts of the engines are damaged or hurt. Then exhaust is leak emits oil.

This problem can take place for too many technical issues:

  • Oil can leak into the exhaust system if the piston rings are strung 
  • If you turn over the engine on its edge. 

If the liquid oil coming out of your engine with bad smells like the oil, so suspect as one reason for these two primary reasons. If you start a lawnmower engine in this situation, so the oil can burn and also can damage your engine.

  • Block air filter

Sometimes the air filter blocks with dust and germ. The filter can not reach the fresh air into the engine while the engines are running. Then the engine parts are piston, exhaust, valves get harm, and after a few days, the parts are getting damaged.

  • Harmed Piston Ring

While the piston ring is harmed, then the exhaust system can possibly lead to oil leaks. The oil is come out from the piston except burning also if you change the lawnmower engine to its own side to another side. It’s also responsible for this leakage. In this condition, the oil burns to a few amount while the engine runs.

  • Damage Valves

Damage Valves do not allow the cylinder to seal appropriately. It’s a reason for the exhaust oil leakage.

  • Coolant

The riding lawn mower engines are four valves (4V) system. In the 4V engines, there is a four-stoke engine, and there is a cooling system to cool down the engine. It’s permitted to exhaust leaks. ‍So while the engine is running, the cooling system is activated automatically and makes your engine cooling; it takes fresh air from the environment and throw the heat outside, then the gasket and exhaust are rust. If you notice that the engine emits yellow liquid, understand there are leaks, so consider changing the head gaskets.

What occurs if you put too much oil in your lawnmower? Each lawnmower requirements for oiling to prevent overheating when it is running. Oil also lubricates your lawnmower to make it work effectively. Suppose there is too much oil in the crankcase to damage the motor of the lawnmower. It also can harm the engine parts and can make leaks on the exhaust.

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