Which way do john deere mower blades go on

A dull and worn blade is always a nuisance for the lawnmower owner, and when the cutting blade is worn or damaged, the grass becomes very difficult to cut correctly. If you do not focus on your blade and repeatedly mow in your garden, so grass can get sick. 

So, Do you don’t want your yard to look lovely?

If you want your yard to look lovely, you should first confirm that your grass is healthy.

If your mower blade is sharp and clean so it’s possible to confirm your grass is safe from any kind of infection. So if your mower blade is dull, then you must remove it by replacing a new blade.

Moreover, if you use the John Deere riding lawn mower, so it’s foolishness to carry the dull blades. Cause It’s a very easy task to replace the blades.

I’m using “X” Series John Deere x300, Riding Mower. I replacement my mower blade in 10 minutes only. So I can provide you the best guideline for replacing the blade. If you have any idea for replacing the blade of John Deere Lawnmower, so it will be good for you. You can replace it in 10 minutes, but if you do not have enough knowledge about John Deere, don’t worry, I’m here. I will share my personal working experiences with you.

Before the blade replacement, you require to some important tools. These tools will make your work easier. E.g.:

Required tools

  1. A new blade
  2. A socket wrench
  3. A hydraulic jack
  4. Hand gloves 
  5. Goggles
  6. Small pieces of wooden blocks

Bingo, you are ready now! It’s time for replacements. I will complete the task in 3 easy steps; 

  • Removing Old Blades

One of the best tricks to change the mower blade is to look very carefully at how the manufacturer setting the old blades. Take the first step, disconnect the spark plug, then tilt the mower aside so that you can easily handle the blade. Then Hold the mower blade with a leather glove, Then eliminate the bolts by utilizing a screwdriver from the installing plate.

  • Installing New Blades

The John Deere Riding Lawn Mover blade rotates clockwise and has a sharp cutting edge on the right. 

If you are not exactly sure how exactly your mower blades rotate, examine the placement of the discharge chute; if it is on the ideal side angled back, so the blade will undoubtedly turn clockwise. So place the blade edge on the right side of the mounting plate, then tighten all bolts. Once the blade is set up correctly, then it will run smoothly.

  • Using the right blade for John Deere Mower

The different mower has used their own designed blades. Every mower manufacturer uses their own designed blads only. So when you need to replace the blades, it will work properly if you use the suitable blades for your mower. If you use the wrong blade or other designed blades so it will not work correctly. 

So at the replacement time, you must confirm the right blade for your mower. Well, John Deere lawnmower, all blades are the same, but the difference is series. Like, I’m using John Deere X Seris – x300 riding lawnmower. So I need an x series blade. If you use the L or X series Riding Lawn Mower, you need your X or L series designed based blades.


Sometimes, John Deere riding lawn mower has two blades. If your John Deere Riding mower has twin blades so apply the same process.


  • When you are working with the mower’s blades, always wear gloves.
  • Do not touch the blade’s sharp edge with your bare hand.

My last word

Can you take the John Deere lawnmower’s blades off at home? You can, I’m sure. It isn’t challenging to remove edges.

You will be able to finish the task by following the instructions and avoiding any problems.

Take the blade off, replace it, and you can start mowing.

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