Life expectancy of john Deere riding mower

If a john Deere riding mower is taken proper care so, it can long-lasting up to 4500-5000 hours. Most of the riding mowers are focused at 1000 hours, for their good working performance. 

I am still using the 1973 John Deere Model 110 mower in my garden. But right now, I left it, because I bought a new John Deere GT 245 in 2005.

From 2005 to the present (2021), around 16 years, I use it with no major problems.

The 245 model has a 20 HP (Horse Power) engine, and the other hand 110 models are 8 HK (horse Kohler), which is quite a great engine, But I love 20 HP extra powerful engine like 245.

I have a bad right knee, so I can not pull the 110 mowers properly in my garden; also, when I was riding the mower with my pet then it can not ride properly; I think it lost its engine power. 

So I brought John Deere Model 245 with 20 HP extra engine power; it gives me smooth working performance. And for my bad knee problem, it gives me extra benefit like this allows me to do better-working performance in a short time. So that I can complete mowing my long garden in a few hours.

Before buying the John Deere mower, I researched lawnmower; then I liked its feature and also seen user review on garden-related many blogs; then I brought it and used it in my garden. Right Now, after 16 years of use, I write this article from my 16 years of own experiences.


How many hours will a John Deere X300 last

John Deere X300 is an amazing riding mower. Too costly to send to the dealer for servicing but maintain it myself is affordable.

I brought it in 2018. I have used it for the last three years, 2018 – present (2021). Around three years is running; still, now I comfortably use it without any trouble. I have a 2-acre block yard, and I use it 3.5 hours per; so the accurate result is: (3.5 h * 4* (12 m *3 y) ) hour= 504 hours. Now 504 hours, and still I don’t get any problem, so I think this mower will go on 100-200 hours more. I suppose it will reach 700 hours.

This riding mower is too good but very costly to maintain; I buy this mower for $3,199.00USD. For its high price and maintenance cost, I could have bought another riding mower from an E-commerce store. But I choose this riding mower for its high-quality working performance.

But my uncle has some bad experiences with this riding mower because of his foolishness. He lives on the hills. Unfortunately, he rides this mower on hills, and he rides this mower like a bulldozer or agricultural tractor and doing heavy work. So after some days, he gets in trouble with his mower belt. The belt is damaged needs to replacement. When first time he got in trouble with its belt, then he replaces it and again do the same heavy work. So the belt replacement cost is $130. He replacement four times for $130 for each time.

I advise him that; this is a light mower, this only manufactured for lawn mowing, not for bulldozer or tractor hard work. Use it for what it’s manufactured for. Use at the garden to cutting the grass only. Hope that you will not get into any trouble next time.

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