How to get rid of chiggers in yard | #ChiggerRid

Chigger, this bloodsucking insect is really annoying. There is no end to the chaos when it invades the house. Because cockroaches feed on blood and disturb your night’s sleep.

Bedbugs survive by feeding on the blood of other warm-blooded hosts. The insect nests on the edge of the bed, mosquito net, pillow, but they can also be seen on train or bus seats. Although a bed bug, one of its preferred habitats is – mattresses, sofas and other furniture. Although not completely nocturnal, cockroaches are usually more active at night and suck blood unseen by humans. They leave the place with a small bite like a mosquito. That is not to say that it will not bite during the day.

But let’s find out how to easily get rid of this irritating-discomforting insect from the house.


Naphthalene is very effective against house cockroaches. At least twice a month, sprinkle naphthalene powder on infested areas, including bedding, to repel insects. You will see that there will be no cockroaches in the house.

Kerosene coating

Occasionally coat furniture with kerosene to repel bed bugs. The cockroaches will escape easily.

Clean the house

Clean the whole house thoroughly at least once a week. Cockroaches die at temperatures of approximately 113 degrees. If the number of cockroaches in the house is high, boil and wash the bed sheets, pillow covers, bedclothes and the clothes of the house cockroach affected areas in high heat. The beetles will die from it.


Spray lavender oil in the area of the house where cockroaches live. After two to three days of spraying like this, the cockroaches will leave your house.

Furniture and upholstery

Keep furniture and mattresses clean and expose them to the sun regularly. By doing this, as soon as the attack of cockroaches is reduced, the cockroaches will die if they are present.


You can use alcohol to repel cockroaches in your house. Spray a little alcohol on the affected area and see if the beetles die.

The bed is away from the wall

Place your bed away from walls to keep bedbugs at bay. Before and after sleeping, shake the bed thoroughly and stay clean.

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