How do I check and change lawn mower oil? #ChangeLawnMowerOil

A lawnmower is a type of power equipment that uses cutting blades to cut grass. These machines have been around for decades, but they’re getting more popular every year because homeowners like them for their ability to quickly and easily maintain their yards.

Mowers that use oil to power the engine are easy to maintain and operate, but they can be dangerous if not properly cared for. Lawnmower oil must be checked and changed regularly by a qualified service technician. It’s important to regularly check your mower’s oil level and keep it at the proper level. If you don’t, you may be putting yourself in danger of an engine failure that could cause serious injury or death. 

Follow these steps to ensure that your lawnmower is properly maintained:

Step 1: If you can, turn the mower off and wait a few minutes before starting to remove it from where it is stored.

Step 2: Remove the oil cap by pressing down on its handle. This will allow oil to flow into the opening and lubricate the entire engine.

Step 3: Pour or pour out any excess oil that has been added onto your driveway or lawn surface. Don’t forget to add more after every use of your mower.

If you don’t have an extra-large funnel, you can use one of those disposable coffee filters, but be careful not to let too much oil spill over onto other surfaces like concrete walkways or driveways. These areas could cause damage if they are soaked with too much oil. 

It would help if you also made sure that there isn’t any dirt blocking the opening at all times when measuring out how much oil needs to be added during each mowing session (every time you change your

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