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Different types of commercial lawn mowers – A complete Guide for Buyers

Lawnmowers come in various dimensions and shapes. They are gasoline, electric, or manual. Many models come with multiple blades that uniformly cut grass. Certain models come with a larger blade that cuts grass lower to the ground, which is ideal for lawns with taller heights. Some models have a smaller blade that cuts the lawn higher.

Commercial lawn mowers comprise push mowers, zero-turn mowers, rotary mowers, and reel-type lawnmowers. These mowers have distinct features that allow them to be better suited for certain tasks. For instance, an electric lawnmower is ideal for smaller areas, while a rotary lawnmower is ideal for larger areas. Zero-turn lawn mowers are ideal for smaller spaces, and reel-type mowers work well with grass that is tough.

The classification of the different types of lawnmowers used by commercial companies

Commercial Lawnmowers can be classified in three ways based on three types.

  1. Following how they’ve moved around the lawn
  2. Based on the sources of energy that fuel their actions
  3. It is based on the kind of blade
best commercial mower

Based on how they are moved across the lawn, lawnmowers are classified according to the following.

  1. Push lawn mowers
  2. Riding lawn mowers
  3. Self-propelled lawn mowers
  4. Zero-turn mowers
  5. Trail Mower or finish-cut mowers
  6. Remote-Control lawn mowers

The sources of energy used in cutting are divided into three kinds.

  1. Hand-powered
  2. Electrical power or electricity
  3. Gas-powered lawn mowers

And lastly, they are divided into two main varieties based on the blade kind.

  1. Cylinder or reel mowers
  2. Lawnmowers with a rotary

Find out the details about commercial lawnmowers in depth.

Push lawnmower

Push lawnmower

A push lawn mower can be either hand-powered or electric/battery/gas-powered.

Hand-powered lawn mowers have become very popular for several years. They are available in various types with cylinder or reel blades to cut. The success of these mowers is due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. A few hand-powered lawn mowers come powered by an electrical start which makes them much easier to use.

Electric lawnmowers have become popular in recent times because they’re less cumbersome and less demanding on the user. Gas-powered lawn mowers remain popular since they provide a lot of power and ease. But, many are opting for gas-powered lawnmowers due to their sound.

Gas-powered lawn mowers generally feature louder engines than electric ones, which is why they are preferred by many. Some believe that the sound can be beneficial when it comes to keeping pests off the yard, while some people find it annoying. If you’re searching for quiet lawnmowers, then you’ll probably have to go to an electric model.

Riding lawn mowers

Riding lawn mowers

If you’ve had the pleasure of riding a lawnmower, you’ll know that the experience is quite different from riding a conventional lawn tractor. With a riding lawnmower, you sit and sit in the same place as you would be in the car. Additionally, the lawnmower, which resembles smaller agricultural tractors, comes with a cutting deck on the front. It means that you can concentrate on cutting the grass instead of pushing and pulling the machines.

Riding lawn mowers are an excellent choice for those who have an extensive lawn (more than half an acre) that must be cut. They’re like driving an automobile over your lawn, similar to riding a bicycle. This makes them much easier to manage than walkers or mowers with pushers, which could be challenging on rough or slippery surfaces.

Self-propelled lawn mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers

The self-powered lawnmowers have advanced a lot over the last few years. The days of needing a power cable to control your lawnmower. These days, self-propelled lawn mowers depend on batteries or power cables to provide energy to the machine, and it keeps moving in a single direction. This makes them simple to operate and less intimidating for people who are new to lawnmowers.

If you’re searching for self-propelled lawnmowers that are simple to operate and come with ample power, you should check out some of the models available today. They’re great for those who want the job done with ease on their lawn.

Zero-turn mowers

Zero-turn mowers

Zero-turn mowers come with a mowing deck that is placed directly in front of the mower instead of beneath. They have a less slender turning circle, which makes them ideal for small areas or narrow pathways. Furthermore, zero-turn mowers can effortlessly navigate around corners and obstacles due because of their layout.

They’re also extremely simple to use, which makes them a good option for homeowners looking to reduce their maintenance obligations.

Zero-turn lawn mowers can be described as lawnmowers that ride and can be turned around with the press of a button. They’re not the best choice for steep slopes or hills since they pose a danger for pedestrians.

Trail Mower or finish-cut mowers

Trail Mower or finish-cut mowers

The trail mowers, also known as finish-cut mowers, require to be connected with an ATV or riding mower in order to run. They lack a propulsion system and instead are driven by the user’s steps. This makes trail mowers perfect for trails that can be difficult to navigate or those in areas where the terrain is rough for an ATV or a riding mower.

Trail mowers are great for flat and large areas such as fields. They are often used on golf courses since they provide a more attractive appearance. However, they’re not recommended for use on slopes, and they can struggle to cut through thick vegetation. They’re also not ideal for tall grasses and brush lawns.

Remote-Control lawn mowers

Remote-Control lawn mowers

If you have a lawn that isn’t big enough for traditional lawnmowers, or your yard is covered by terrain that is difficult to navigate, a remote-controlled lawn mower is an ideal solution. They’re specially constructed and equipped to deal with tough terrain, making the perfect choice to ensure you’re safe. They’re also much simpler to use than regular lawnmowers. You’ll be able to get the task completed quickly and without much effort.

Remote-controlled lawn mowers provide many advantages over conventional lawnmowers. For instance, SPIDER mowers can climb 60 degrees and are ideal for all types of terrain, short grass, and dense brush. They can maneuver through the rough terrain found in orchards, downhill trails, parks, orchards, etc. They combine the strength of a tractor with the precision needed to mow in all sorts of ways. However, a mower controlled remotely can go where larger machines cannot go.

Furthermore, remote-controlled lawnmowers can be quieter than conventional lawnmowers and do not require oil or gas.


There are many kinds of lawnmowers for commercial use, each having its unique advantages and disadvantages. If you’re searching for an efficient and reliable machine to manage your lawn, you need to take note of the characteristics of each before purchasing.

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