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Do you know the top saw blade to use to cut the Melamine? Selecting the right saw blade to cut Melamine can be a challenging task. It is difficult to decide which is the best for your needs because there are so many choices to choose from. I will go over the various aspects to consider when choosing the right saw blade to use with the Melamine.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the various kinds of saw blades and assist you in choosing the right one for your requirements. If you’re looking for a way to cut thin pieces of Melamine without damaging the material, then you are able to look through my list. I hope this list will satisfy your requirements.

Top Picks Best Saw Blade For Melamine

Here are some of the best suggestions for you to make sure you can take a look at them for those who are in a hurry.

  1. Freud LU79R010 10
  2. Freud 10 In. 80
  3. BOSCH DCB1080 10 Inch
  4. Norske Tools NCSBP272
  5. CMT P12096 1″ Bore
  6. Oshlun SBL-100080 10-Inch

Editor’s Choice: Freud’s The LU79R010″ Thick Kerf Blade. I chose it since it has the majority of the precise cutting capabilities using thin kerf technology.

Best Runner for Saw Blade: Freud 10 In. 80 Tooth Saw Blade The saw blade is among the top circular blades due to its non-stick Perma Shield coating with an anti-vibration slot.

The Best Overall Saw Blade: BOSCH DCB1080 Daredevil 10 inch Saw Blade: This saw blade is excellent due to its speed and kerf that is thinner. Coating.

The best Table saw Blade: Norske Tools NCSBP272 8-1/4 inch Saw Blade I selected this blade due to its longevity and performance.

The best Fine Finish Blades: CMT P12096 1″ Bore Saw Blade This blade offers a smooth finish while cutting with carbide teeth made of steel.

The best Arbor to Saw Blade: Oshlun SBL-100080 10-Inch 80 Tooth Saw Blade: It comes with a negative hook as well as an anti-vibration mechanism.

Best Saw Blade For Melamine

This is the most effective knife for cutting Melamine when you’re looking at the various blades. Let’s get the particulars.

Freud LU79R010 10″ Thin Kerf Blade

Freud LU79R010 10" Thin Kerf Blade

Improve the quality and efficiency of your work with the aid of the Freud 10-inch Blade. With its exceptional hardness and sharpness, this blade will do the job. It’s designed for use on plywood and wood and is suitable for everything from framing molding to the creation of fine furniture. It is available in various shades, so you will easily locate a suitable match for your specific project requirements.

The Freud LUF79R010 Blade is among the top saw blades for Melamine, versatile, and can be utilized for a wide range of tasks. This blade gives you the ability to create precise cuts into the toughest materials. Furthermore, as it’s specifically designed to reduce kickback and vibrations, certainly, you will not face problems when using this blade. Furthermore, it comes with an effective speed of .025″ on each side, meaning that you do not need to be concerned about getting far into your project materials.


Brand: Freud

Dimensions: 1x1x1 inches

Weight: 0.15 pounds

Material: Blend

Color: Multi

Number of Teeth: 80


  • The advanced Blade design and construction of LU79R010 Blade offer you unrivaled accuracy and precision every time you utilize it.
  • Perma-Shield coated coating is made up of coating that shields the blade from corrosion and rust.
  • This blade comes with the capability to create cuts that are 10 times faster than similar blades.
  • It is made with a thin kerf, so it is able to make smaller cuts than other knives.
  • The teeth on the blade are an increased degree of hardness, which makes the blade stronger compared with the other blades.

What Do You Like It?

The blades are extremely sharp and produce smooth cuts. These blades are a great final touch and are extremely rigid. They are harder than the tooth has, giving it a higher degree of durability when compared to other knives. The slim kerf design makes it possible to cut 10 times faster than other blades that have more kerfs. This allows you to cut quickly, which makes your projects much easier to handle and manage.

Why Don’t You Like It?

The issue with that the blade is not replaced can benefit someone who is experienced with blades. It would be more beneficial to purchase them at a lower cost; however, I am happy with the item and the cost.

Freud 10 In. 80 Tooth Saw Blade


If you’ve been looking for a different option for a saw blade used for structural lumber, this Freud 10-inch most efficient circular saw blade designed for Melamine would be a good fit for your needs. This saw blade cuts the plywood and Melamine in one go, without the requirement of adjusting the fence’s height or putting up other equipment. It is designed with a unique design that offers the most ease of use and precision. Therefore, it is suitable for use with fragile materials such as plywood or Melamine as well as hardwoods like maple, oak, and others.

The Freud saw blade is constructed from high-quality, smooth, and rot-free materials. It is ideal for cutting Melamine, plywood hardboard, softwoods, and other woods with a maximum size of 20 inches. Additionally, the teeth have a more precise pitch that lets the blade cut through the material faster, as well as reducing the possibility of splintering or tearing. The Freud model LU80R010 is ideally suited to make cutting Melamine and plywood in a variety of circumstances.


Brand: Freud

Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

Weight: 1.98 Pounds

Material: Blend

Color: Multi

Number of Teeth: 80

Compatible Material: Engineered Wood


  • It’s perfect for cutting wood as well as Melamine, hardboard, and softwoods with maximum lengths of 20 inches.
  • Blades like this are great to ensure your hands are near to the edge of your cutting so that you’re watching with precise accuracy.
  • This Freud 10 In. Holds its edge for longer than other saws do, which makes performance more stable following usage.
  • The blade comes in a two-pack, with one blade per pack, meaning you could use it on two different tools at the same time.
  • The form of the teeth was created to allow for greater control when cutting the various materials in one go.

Why Do You Like It?

This Freud 10 In. 80 Tooth Saw Blade allows users to cut a neat smooth cut while cutting Melamine, wood, and many other materials, without tearing or splinters. This blade is ideal for DIYers who use woodworking as a hobby and contractors who utilize it in their workplaces.

Why Don’t You Like It?

There are plenty of positives about this blade. However, there are some negatives. One of the major difficulties with this Freud Saw Blade is that it isn’t able to cut through hardwoods like pine, plywood, or even softwoods like fir and pine. The reason is that the teeth are thin, they don’t have a lot of surface area, and they can be difficult to work with.

BOSCH DCB1080 Daredevil 10 Inch Saw Blade


It is the Bosch Daredevil Saw Blade is an extremely durable circular saw blade that is regarded to be among the most effective circular saw blades for cutting Melamine and plywood. The dimension of the blade measures 10 inches, and it is constructed as a bi-metal blade. It has 80 teeth that are specifically designed to cut cleanly on melamine sheets and plywood items in your workshop or your home.

This blade can be used for the BOSCH 1475K Table Saw. However, it is also utilized alongside other table saws. It is specifically designed for melamine sheets and plywood items that require clean cutting. This means that you will need to be extra careful when cutting, as should there be any cuts or nicks in the sheet. There are dangers of splintering or other harm to them.


Brand: BOSCH

Dimensions: 12 x 14 x 0.31 inches

Weight: 1.75 Pounds

Number of Teeth: 80

Style: 80 Teeth

Material: Carbide

Color: Blue

Compatible Material: Engineered Wood, Wood


  • It gives a great finish to the sheet of plywood and Melamine when cut with a table saw.
  • The blade has a smooth, polished finish on melamine sheets and plywood items.
  • This blade has been specifically made for melamine and plywood sheet products for cutting cleanly.
  • The blade is encased with a protective coating known as ProTanium.
  • It is a kind of Titanium Finish that gives you a smooth, shiny finish. It is made to resist rust and corrosion simultaneously.

Why Do You Like It?

This is a fantastic choice to cut melamine sheet products precisely in your home or workshop. If you are looking to cut other things besides the melamine sheet items and plywood it is possible to consider an alternative blade model since this blade was specially designed for these materials.

Why Don’t You Like It?

The saw blade can be a little rough for finishing fine and will require thicker plywood or Melamine. Although this blade has been coated, it is easily removed and leaves streaks on the surface. Although this could be the result of the lack of maintenance or usage, we would suggest that you take care when the use of this saw blade.

Norske Tools NCSBP272 8-1/4 inch Saw Blade


This saw blade has an angled diamond knockout tool and is designed to effortlessly cut through any kind of wood. The handle makes it suitable for laminate, Melamine as well as hardwood floor materials. It’s designed to provide quick and precise cuts, so it’s suitable for all kinds of flooring jobs.

Its Norske Tools 8-1/4 inch 60T Blade is regarded as the most effective Table saw blade that works with Melamine. It offers smooth cuts that don’t have any rough edges or snags, which means it will not leave visible marks on the timber. It has diamond-cutting bits to ensure that it is able to deal with harder materials such as laminate, Melamine, or hardwood flooring materials to ensure a smooth cutting process that leaves no snags or rough edges to be left behind.


Brand: Norske

Weight: 15.2 ounces

Dimensions: 10.7 x 9.7 x 0.2 inches

Material: Carbide, Diamond

Size: 8-1/4″ x 60 Teeth


  • It is equipped with the latest high-performance 8-1/4″ 60T Melamine and Saw Blade.
  • The motorized handle gives ease of access and mobility during usage with any kind of materials.
  • Excellent for cutting high-performance Melamine, laminate, and flooring made of hardwood and laminate materials using various fasteners like screws or nails.
  • Diamond knockout bits are integrated for cutting melamine laminates, hardwoods, as well as floors made of laminate.
  • These knob locks are placed at the bottom of the blade to stop accidental slippage of the blade while in operation and increase security.

Why Do You Like It?

Although this blade isn’t as powerful as the more powerful number of teeth for inch saws, it is able to provide sufficient cutting power to work with many different materials. This saw blade is ideal for cutting easily through laminates like wood, Melamine, and polyurethane. The front teeth of the blade are diamond-ground to eliminate most binding in the cut making for smooth cuts.

Why Don’t You Like It?

The diamond-ground teeth aren’t as aggressive as saw blades which could make cutting slower. Although this blade is great in cutting hardwoods, it’s not the best option for cutting softwoods such as pine. This saw blade is more suitable for cutting through hardwoods or for laminating with the help of a router.

CMT P12096 1″ Bore ITK Saw Blade


It is a Bosch saw blade made well and is the top Table saw blade that can cut Melamine. Its design and characteristics make it a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast, and it comes with an entire two-year guarantee that makes it the perfect choice for anyone planning to buy the first-ever table saw. The 12-inch length of the saw allowed me to cut large boards easily and also made it possible to cut 3/4-inch plywood without difficulty. Table saws are simple to set up as well as the arbor and blade needed only a few adjustments to get the ideal fitting.

The alignment of the teeth allows the cutting of clean lines without leaving burn marks. Furthermore, the saw blade has spiral designs that aid in heat relief, which helps to avoid melting or burning of your project while you cut it. This feature was what I have found to be the most beneficial when cutting plywood, in which burning was a common issue prior to using this blade.


Brand: CMT

Material Body of steel and Carbide Teeth

Size: 12 x 12 x 0.1 inches

Number of Teeth: 96

Style: Circular Saw

Item Weight: 2.43 Pounds

Compatible Material: Wood


  • The most efficient circular saw blade designed for the melamine industry has extremely robust, and it is strong enough to deal with tough woods because of its huge size.
  • Its blade is strong and strong, and it is able to deal with anything you throw at it.
  • Its 1/8″ thick saw blade is an inverted spiral design that permits clean cutting without melting or burning.
  • It also allows for the relief of heat during cutting, particularly with heavy-duty equipment.
  • It can make deep cuts too fast, resulting in heat build-up.
  • The blade is constructed from a body of steel with carbide teeth that provide additional durability to the edges of the blade, which means it is sharper for longer than other blades.

Why Do You Like It?

Blades are extremely long-lasting and can take on any wood with ease due to their huge dimension. The size of the blade permits it to cut even the most difficult woods and even some metallics. I highly recommend this blade for anyone who wants to replace their table saw by getting an enormous, high-quality saw blade that can take on almost anything you toss at it. It’s extremely durable and sturdy that it’s guaranteed to last many years, especially when you take good maintenance of it.

Why Don’t You Like It?

The only issue I’ve seen is If you’re looking for the smallest saw blade, this is not the right one ideal for you. If you’re looking to finish the job quickly, this blade is a perfect choice.

Oshlun SBL-100080 10-Inch 80 Tooth Saw Blade


Oshlun Hi-ATB Saw Blade is a premium cutting tool designed to cut tough and dense materials that are brittle. This blade is enhanced by melamine and laminate teeth design. It has an arbor of 5/8 inches, which is ideal for most saws available on the market at present.

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If you’re searching for the top plunge saw blade that can be used for cutting laminates and Melamine, you should utilize this Oshlun Saw Blade that has a 5/8-inch arbor. Because the extremely high density of laminates and Melamine will wear down or break the standard saw blade more quickly, it is recommended to use a saw with a 3/8-inch arbor or have a professional take care of it.


Brand: Oshlun

Material: Carbide

Color: Steel

Teeth: 80

Style: Micro

Weight: 2.05 Pounds

Material: Engineered Wood


  • It is designed for use in heavy usage and long lasting life. It has a steel backing plate and a long arbor to provide extra rigidity.
  • High-quality cutting formulation designed to cut tough, dense, and brittle materials.
  • Made tough and sturdy enough to withstand the demands of daily use.
  • Blades are equipped with an ergonomic, balanced handle to provide the ultimate comfort and control.
  • It comes with a 5/8 ” arbor that is perfect for most saws available at the present.
  • More durable and flexible than steel blades of standard grade and is coated with a water-resistant coating for the blade.

Why Do You Like It?

The high-quality blade is durable and will stand up to continuous use in the office or at home without developing any signs of wear as time passes. You can trust it to perform flawlessly every time you utilize it. The saw is equipped with high-tolerance teeth that will cut through anything that you want until the day that the saw stops working for you, and you’ll need a replacement component.

Why Don’t You Like It?

There’s nothing bad about this product. However, there were some who were unhappy with it because the blade wasn’t used to the extent it was designed to be used for. The blade is intended to be used in conjunction with an arbor of 3/8 inches. If you attempt to use it on a different type of arbor you’ll damage it and spend the money to buy another.

Things To Consider Before Buying Saw Blade For Melamine

Before making the next purchase, a few important factors should be considered in the purchase choice. What kind of saw blade will work best with Melamine, what’s the price range, what is the quality of the blade, and much more. Let’s look at some things in the short.

  • Price

Think about whether you have enough money for this kind of investment prior to purchasing it. If you don’t, you can find cheaper alternatives that work exactly the same way on the melamine boards. The cost for the blades is low. However, costs may differ greatly depending on the elements. For instance, the coating materials used on individual blades and the coating materials used for other blades vary significantly. So, if you’re on the money and are willing to choose the most high-end choice, that might be the best option. However, if money isn’t your primary issue, there are plenty of other options that are still very well on the Melamine.

  • Materials

No matter what kind of coating you choose to apply to the blade, it must be made of the same material specified on the label of the product’s product as the base material. Although many blades are constructed with high-quality materials which won’t break or twist when used on melamine boards, this doesn’t mean that every blade will be the same in terms of quality. This is why you might find that one blade is slightly more steep teeth in comparison to the other. This is especially noticeable while cutting in an angle when using the framing saw.

  • Blade

A crucial aspect to consider is the number of teeth you wish to have on your blade when it comes directly to your blade. There are saw blades that have anywhere between 60 and more than 200 teeth. The longer blades are useful in cutting down large pieces of wood at once. However, they’re not as flexible in making various cuts. Another aspect you might want to take into consideration will be the durability of the components used in the blade. If a blade is priced low, you’ll probably find that it’s constructed of lesser-priced metals and the teeth are less sturdy than those with higher prices.

  • Durability

This is the primary aspect to think about in making your final choice. This is something that does not have all saw blades in common. When you’re looking at various blades, take a look at the durability rating. In general, any blade with an average rating of less than 3 is more brittle and less durable than those that have ratings that are higher than 3.

  • Compatibility

Another factor to be aware of when looking for your next blade. Certain older saws might require special blades designed for them, as they may not work with modern saws. If the handle on your older saw has two flat spots bent towards one another and are angled towards each other, it’s highly likely the blade you had previously purchased will not work with modern handles with those angled spots.



If you’re trying to find the most efficient saw blade to cut Melamine, you must consider your requirements and materials. If you’re cutting Melamine, it is recommended that a sharper tooth pitch is required. When working on the wood, you’ll need a coarser tooth pitch. It is more appropriate for your needs.

Freud the LU79R010″ Thick Kerf Blade offers versatility for amateur and professional users, making it the top cut-off blade for Melamine within our collection today.

You can also choose to use BOSCH DCB1080 Daredevil 10-inch Saw Blade since it has a coating made of titanium, which will make it more durable. Therefore, pick the most suitable saw blade and start cutting.

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